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Not your typical information dump. 

Bespoke virtual and in--person trainings, workshops and executive retreats curated with your audience in mind and delivered in an engaging and informative way because, no one wants sit through another "typical" HR training. 

Select Lecture Topics

  • Work-Life Balance and Other Lies

  • Dismantling the Success Delusion​
  • Leading an Intergenerational Work-Place
  • Executive Presence in a Virtual Space
  • Stress Strategies in15m or Less
    • all topics are curated specifically for each unique audience ​

The Mental Bootcamp you never knew you needed. 

Coaching Intensives with Dr. Appleton take a hard-core look at specific problems and zero in on the development of personalized skill sets and solutions...getting you in, getting you out and getting you ready to go.

Current Coaching Intensive Offerings:

  • The High-Performer Burnout Intensive

    • Designed for those in high pressure, high performance jobs feeling a slip in motivation and a distraction of focus, looking to captain their talent and reignite passion. 

  • The Relationship Rescue Intensive

    • Dedicated for those looking to amend miscommunication, identify triggers and forge a path forward with their partner/situation/single life.

  • The Emerging Leadership Intensive

    • Needed for any individual who finds themselves in a position of leadership/looking to develop better strategies, boost influence, and side step the pressures of performance.​​*

*also available for teams

Intensives include:

Initial consult call

+ 1:1 sessions (+ couples sessions for relationship rescue)

+ Blind Spot Assessment (internal and external)

+ Deep Dive Video Feedback on Assessment Results

+ Weekly Personalized Videos on Topics Discussed in Session

+ Access to Supplemental Resources/Materials 

Choose between 3 months and 6 month options.

Mini-Intensives also available

Contact us at the button below or e-mail to learn more about mini-intensive programs and join our waiting list.


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