60sPTOTD | Is it Toxic or just Bad Behavior?

First, when I am talking about toxic behavior I do not mean abusive behavior. Abuse is abuse. And while toxic behavior can be abusive in this example I am speaking more to the unpleasantness that comes from less severe forms of toxicity : the person who is judgmental, the constant negativity, the drama seeker, the one who monopolizes a conversation, etc.


In the business world we know that developing successful and cohesive teams often comes from healthy conflict. It is important for us in our personal worlds to understand the difference between healthy conflict and toxic behaviors.


The best way to know? Address it.


Work on bringing unpleasant or unhealthy behaviors up directly to the person. Speak from a solution focused place rather than one of judgment and try to find action steps moving forward. If the person continues the bad behavior knowingly it’s fair to say that it has turned toxic and the time has come to cut them out or put a strong boundary in place.


x DA

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