Corporate Leadership in a COVID-19 World

Fear, panic, and precaution have become a daily topic both in and out of work. But what is the ripple effect of this mental state for us 3 to 5 years out?

Researchers have already been showing trends in generational changes around emotional health in the workplace. As the overwhelming demand from younger employees to have strategies & resources in place for mental health grows, companies have been doing their best to keep up. But will it be what we need post COVID-19?

My two cents:

+ strengthen EAP plans and protocols.

+ invest in accessible prevention. wellness on a professional & personal development level, crisis planning and intervention through online wellness training/programming and wellness portals for all employees to access at any time.

+ consistency. Short term fixes will not change a long term problem. Stop putting band-aids on bullet holes and strategically deal with mental health and wellness head on. If you think that it is not your company’s responsibility- you’re wrong.

+ practice what you preach. We cannot lead from behind. Start by putting your own wellness as a priority.

Be Well



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