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Quarantine Brain and What to Do About It

Today on the agenda: Managing Quarantine Burnout.

For so many of us we are hitting that proverbial “wall”. We’re fried. Toast. Donezo.

But why?

Well the short answer to a more complex problem involves the brain, chemical secretion and behavior. Simply put, our brains are scared and bracing for impact but there is only so long you can white-knuckle it before you fatigue.

What do we do?

First, lean into INTENTIONAL rest. For the last seven weeks we have been just trying to survive a lot of us have created some bad habits. Too much comfort food, too much binge watching, too much social media, etc. by bringing intention back into the rest we can start to set aside to recharge rather than to crash. Intentionally set aside time for tv or scrolling but don’t over do it. By making time for rest we keep it special and something to look forward to rather than a default. .

Second, allow yourself to be human. PRIORITIZE one or two things that need to get done today and set aside time to do what needs to be done. Breaking up a hot dog into mini pigs in blankets often results in us eating more, braking up big tasks into smaller ones will also result in us doing more.

Finally, engaging in blogs//books//podcasts are great to working out some mental knots but nothing compares to the real thing...get help! Coaching and therapy are ubiquitous right now. Start looking in to resources through your EAPs, health coverage, or searching This is a great time to regroup and pivot. Your career, family, and mind will thank you.

Stay sane!



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