THE RETURN TO.....normal?

As we begin the return to work we are becoming painfully aware that the managerial rule book has failed us. The events of COVID impacted everyone differently and while this pain is unique and deeply personal, it will none the less spill into the workplace.

We are not always taught as leaders how to navigate when our people are fearful, burnt out, or are searching for meaning in times like these. While many leaders do not think there is much they can do, I would argue that the very nature of their leadership affords them the position we need to inspire healing.

Research shows that leaders who take action, no matter how small, towards healing as a company will inspire action from others. In contrast companies who return to "business as usual" in the face of such emotional charged times have a drop in loyalty, productivity, and employee engagement

Your job as a leader is not to answer all of the questions. Instead, it is YOUR JOB to create an environment and to give access to resources that allow people to grow and develop, work through questions, and assign meaning to begin to heal.

The line between work & wellness has rapidly become nonexistent after our WFH orders & it will not let up after the return. It is time to invest in wellness.



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