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Unpopular Opinion: Sometimes you are the problem

The Sesame Street word of the day is accountability.

For far too long I’ve seen many of us get into a pattern of anger, hurt, or pain over “failed” situations without taking the extra step to understand all sides of the story.

Sometimes we set ourselves up. Sometimes it’s us. We mess up. Or don’t make the best decision. It doesn’t mean we are “wrong” or “bad”, it means that we are human.

Accountability gets a bad rep. Instead of seeing missteps as an opportunity for growth, it is has been internalized as shame.

Naming your fault in a situation means you’re aware of the responsibility your part has played in the event. It’s not a word that should feel shameful, or evoke defensiveness.

When we are asking for a better life what we are presented with is the opportunity to take responsibility. So yes....things do happen for a reason, and sometimes that reason is because we are stupid and make bad decisions. And guess what? That’s okay as long as we take responsibility to do something about it. X DA

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