Where are the CWOs?! : Why we need Chief Wellness Officers in Every C-Suite.

Workplace wellness is something we can no longer afford to ignore. It has become an issue of not only public health but moral imperative. With 75% of Americans experiencing burnout there is a direct correlation to issues of productivity, morale, and even premature death. Culture shifts are imperative to support environments so employees and their leadership can thrive. However, if there is no concerted focus on well-being from the executive level, dramatic changes will not occur. Placing Wellness in the C-suite is the next practical action step to the mitigation and progression of workplace wellness.


The appointment of a CWO will establish a symbolic and practical well-being on a level of importance that equal to that of quality information, data driven planning and leadership that directly impacts the sustainability and success of an organization. This position would be best served as the strategic leader of change in driving systemic transformations on a macro and micro level. Ideally, the CWO would simnifically impact the success of organizational culture, success and stakeholder outcomes.


The return on such an investment is well documented. The effects can increase productivity, quality of work, and reduced turnover in corporate organizations, hospitals, and academic institutions alike. The CWO should champion the creation of programs, meta-leadership, and intentional progress with measurable outcomes. They should challenge the C-Suite and fight for budgetary line items to promote a healthy workplace culture and climate. There is no better time to start this conversation than 2020.

Welcome to my TEDx Talk.

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