Dr. Daryl Appleton is the innovative and modern-day doyenne of wellness who is reshaping corporate and individual visions of wellness. Since opening, her eponymous consulting firm holds an exclusive clientele of global brands, Fortune 500 executives, thought leaders & specialists, and professional athletes from across the globe looking to elevate their plans for success and to fight burnout and mental fatigue.

After over a decade in mental health Dr. Appleton started her coaching and consulting firm to provide three necessities found lacking in corporate/athletic/academic arenas and within the psych community:


+ a dedicated firm to challenge Executives, CEOs, pro athletes, and those in high performing, high burnout positions to address the entanglement of personal and professional issues as a means of mitigating burnout, increasing performance and improving on metrics related to success.


+ the creation of meaningful and current content, programs, and lectures for the modern day workplace and space to educate and support individuals and their institutions on wellness through neuroscience and clinical techniques.


+ and the advocation for permanent wellness solutions though positions like Chief Wellness Officer at every major company and institution as a means to impact culture and wellness at a macro and micro level.

Specializing in the success and well-being of those in high net-worth and high-burnout positions Dr. Appleton challenges leaders, audiences, and organizations to redefine their values and views of success. In her unique approach, her firm utilizes neuropsychological techniques, communication strategies, and reprioritization of work-life S.W.A.Y. to help all clients meet goals and amend unproductive behaviors.

Dr. Appleton has undoubtedly made her mark with her viewpoints and teachings on wellness, reshaping the way we think and practice self-care. As an Ivy League research scholar, international speaker, and national radio and print expert on wellness, Dr. Daryl Appleton and her work have been featured across the globe in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and Huffington Post.


In addition to her coaching firm, Dr. Appleton is owner and co-founder of a New England based boutique mental health private practice, Polaris Counseling. There Dr. Appleton has harnessed the vision to empower individuals in becoming “well beings” into a practice and that inspires purposeful changes in revolutionary ways. Dr. Appleton also teaches and special lectures on neuropsychology and psychotherapy at many colleges in the New England area when she is not counseling and consulting.

Dr. Daryl Appleton holds an Ed.D. in Leadership, a M.Ed. in Counseling, a C.A.G.S. in Mental Health, and an LMHC in the state of Rhode Island.