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After decades of working with individuals with mental health issues, Dr. Daryl Appleton knew there was something missing on the other side of the spectrum in the way we manage stress and success.


"We have been sold two major lies in our professional lives:

1) if you are not a little burnout, you are not working hard.

2) work -life balance is the gold standard.


These mistruths have misshapen our workplace culture and as a result we have become incredibly well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Dr. Daryl Appleton


The mission? To provide the major necessities lacking in high-performance culture:


+ a dedicated firm to challenge Executives, Medical Professionals, Pro Athletes, and those in high performing, high burnout positions to address the entanglement of personal and professional issues as a means of mitigating burnout, increasing performance and improving on metrics related to success.



+ the creation of meaningful and current content, programs, and education for the modern-day workplace and space to educate and support individuals/ their institutions on wellness through neuroscience and clinical techniques.


+ and the advocation for permanent wellness solutions though positions like Chief Wellness Officer at every major company and institution as a means to impact culture and wellness on a macro and micro level.


Dr. Appleton's coaching style uniquely blends traditional executive coaching strategies with therapeutic techniques, and neuropsychological research to create a 360 approach to work-life integration and success.

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Daryl Appleton Coaching Model


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